Thursday, May 3, 2012

M I N T Y. F R E S H.

Jumper; MINKPINK. Shorts; Vintage. Blouse; Lovely girl. Rings; Sportsgirl. Shoes; Unknown.

If there is one thing that being at MBFWA has taught me it's that pastels are definitely not over. Going off the collections shown this week, that will be available for purchase come Spring, pastels will be with us all the way through to 2013. Of course I was delighted to hear that this amazing MINKPINK jumper will see me all the way through to next January and keep me looking fresh and 'on trend'. I love the way the beautiful yet subtle colour adds that little edge of interest and allows you to get away with dressing simply with everything else. Simple is a combination that I've been loving lately, I don't think you can possibly go wrong with black leather shorts and simple white shirt, and once you've got the basics nailed you can simply add coloured jackets to give it that extra omph.
I hope you've all been enjoying my coverage of MBFWA so far! I haven't had a lot of time to do big write ups and reviews yet, but I promise they're coming and in the mean time there are plenty of tweets to keep you satisfied. I'm actually thinking of doing some fun trend reporting which is something I've never tried before so I'm looking forward to sharing that all with you. Hoping your weeks of all been as fun as mine, stay tuned for plenty of updates in the next few days!


  1. absolutely gorgeous--i've been looking for leather shorts for ages but i can't seem to find any that are flattering, these are amazing!

  2. Amazing outfit! That mint cardigan is adorable<3

  3. Very pretty, love the colours and the shoes are so nice!

  4. The octopus ring is awesome!!! :D I really like that. Your pastel jumper is lovely with those leather shorts too, but that ring was definitely the post highlight for me :)

  5. Is your best OUTFIT in this week...perfect shorts in leather texture combo with cotton sweater in MINT colour...perfect my dear.

    Super pretty.

    XOXO from MUNICH
    La VIE Quotidienne
    YOU can check the......WALT DISNEY...castle in :

  6. Beautiful !

    Beijo ,
    Ana Catalarrana

  7. I adore the shorts - a really great look!


  8. Great outfit. Love the sweater with the leather shorts.


  9. Those leather shorts remind me of Kahlo's collection for some reason.
    such a nice colour knit! #babyteal
    following you via bloglovin Laura :)


    Style Hostess

  10. Ah that mint colour suits you so well!!

    x Stace

  11. Great coverage and great outfit. Love the mix of textures.

  12. I've said this a million times before but you seriously are the cutest. Those shorts are perfect, despite the fact it got really hot that day, but that's the price we pay for fashion. If Christine Centenera can be photographed with a huge snakeskin cuff around her neck, sort of like those African women who elongate their necks with metal rings, then I can guarantee (with a bit of loitering in front of them and possibly some bribery, those photographers are snobby little tight-arses, jk I love you street style guize~~) you'll be photographed next time ;) And who gives a shit if the week wasn't that eventful, we got tons of free stuff, and that's all that matters in life.

    I promise I'll post a longer, more interesting comment when I'm not having exam papers thrown at me left, right and centre. x

  13. Um, if anything, pastels are alive as heck. Pastels are immortal and you wear it so so well.


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