Tuesday, May 1, 2012

F L O R A L S.

Skirt; H&M. Floral cape; Kmart. Shoes; Just Because.

Oh wow. That's really all I can say about my first days spent at Australian Fashion Week. Two days of fashion shows, rubbing shoulders with the industry's elite and of course aching feet. Sorry for my blog silence, but in my defense I have been incredibly present on twitter, facebook and instagram and if you haven't been following then technically I'm the one who should be offended.
I can't get over how much I adore this colour combination, something about black, mustard and red just goes so well together and when it came to putting this combination together I couldn't go past my favourite H&M skirt. I picked this skirt up over a year ago and I am surprised at its lasting power, normally when you find statement pieces like this they last a season max, but in a stroke of luck this skirt keeps seeing me through season after season. I have a feeling it will be one of those amazing finds that you keep forever and ever.
As you can see this is a post about what I wore to MBFWA and not the shows in store, to avoid making the blog really image heavy I've set up a temporary tumblr account for all our show coverage. This afternoon I've been slowly uploading pics and reviews so head on over to see what's been happening!


  1. Babe I'm still loving this skirt! Sadly, I wouldn't look as good in it.

    I didn't mention this, but I really loved everything you wore today!


  2. Australian Fashion Week sounds great! I hope I'll get to attend someday! Anyway, I love the color of your skirt! You look good! :)

    xx, Channie

  3. Gorgeous colour combination; the skirt is wonderful! <3

  4. Love this outfit - that skirt is a beautiful statement piece and it goes so well with your top :)

  5. loving the colours! and those flying materials

    Daria, the Fashionsurfer

  6. This look is all-around wonderful! I love it!

    Moments of Eternity

  7. Amazing style and I really love your blog dear !
    Followed you and would love if you check my blog too and follow back if you like :)


    Love ,


  8. Beautiful. Love the color of that skirt.


  9. such a beautiful outfit..i love the skirt!

  10. I can see why you should be keeping this skirt forever and ever. It is indeed something which you can match with alot of things and will not go out of style =)

    Thank you for visiting my blog and left me sweet comments. Hope you enjoyed looking at the pics. Hope to see you there again soon =)

  11. Although this skirt might have seemed like a statement piece, I think it's truly a classic that you'll be able to wear for years to come. The mustard shade is just stunning and it looks just beautiful with your black blouse :)

  12. Nice combo...perfect skirt with this blouse...you looks so lovely and pretty my dear.

    XOXO from MUNICH

    La Vie Quotidienne

    YOU can check WALT DISNEY CASTLE in : www.laviequo.com

  13. Finally got around to friending you on IFB...sorry! I love this floral top and the way it goes with the skirt. Such a nice and classy look.

  14. LOVE that skirt! and I cannot believe you got that shirt at Kmart! I love when we can find awesome things that don't break the bank.

    Amanda of Prim and Propah

  15. Fabulous outfit! Lucky you to be at the fashion week, hope you're having fun!


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