Friday, April 13, 2012

S T I L L. L I F E

Blouse and bag; Vintage. Shorts; Topshop. Shoes; Unknown.

There are very few places in the world that you can still call serene and I think this tree is one of those places. Photos can't really convey just how large it is, but trust me when I say it's huge. This beautiful old tree has acted as a focal point of parties, festivals and gatherings for my small town for many, many years. Weighed down by years of growth its branches have sunk to the ground creating this beautiful dome of leafy shade, and despite being right next to a busy highway as soon as you step inside you're just enveloped by the cool serenity and any problems from the day just sort of disappear. This serenity and the fact that the mammoth branches welcome hours of fun spent climbing, makes it the perfect relaxation spot.
With MBFWA well and truly in my face I'm starting to feel the heat, as well as this big week I've got an editorial shoot, working, blogging and Fashion Palette to contend with, needless to say I've been feeling a bit of added pressure lately. When I start feeling like this I tend to wear simpler outfits like this one. It always just calms me down a little and reminds me that, as much as I love it, fashion is not curing cancer or world hunger and it's not worth killing myself over. But in saying that in two days I'll probably be curled in the fetal position whimpering 'I have nothing to wear' which is why I am clinging to these last few still moments. Because life in the fast lane might be nice, but everyone needs a few moments to just breath.


  1. I love this look:)


  2. Love this simple outfit - really like the shorts! Whatever you chose to wear will be fantastic, hope you sail through everything that comes your way in the next week :)

  3. Lovely description of a tree aside, can I please put you into a Celine cabas tote and carry you around like Paris Hilton with her poodle, because this is so cute. You're like a sailor, fashion style... like those editorials where they call it 'raw, tribal chic' but it's really a model in prints on a yacht... but in a good way. As for the fetal positon/crying thing, I'm fairly certain the rest of the fashion blogosphere will be doing exactly the same thing. x

  4. Really nice outfit ;)

  5. Really lovely outfit! Love those shorts, the colour is so cute! xx

  6. I really like those shorts, they are such a pretty colour!


  7. I have a pair of shorts like that and I love them!

    Amanda of Prim and Propah

  8. Love the shorts! I love the color scheme, so fresh and young!

    XOXO ♥

  9. The shoes are fantastic =)



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