Thursday, April 12, 2012


Photos courtesy of búl

I always love stumbling across new brands that just blow you away, I was lucky enough to do just this with Melbourne brand búl. Their new AW collection entitled 'Cornwall' is so damn pretty and has something that is so 'me' I couldn't resist doing a little blog post about it and notifying you all of their magnificence. 
Funnily enough I was in Cornwall for a few days this time last year and I can't even begin to describe how well this new collection mimics the beautiful seaside town. When I was in Cornwall I was struck by its old architecture and beauty, the quiet colours of both the sea and the buildings and most of all the feeling of history that is rooted into everything, búl really does embody this perfectly. The quiet colour palette combined with soft silhouettes and dainty prints really does a bang up job of conveying the general feel of peace that Cornwall exudes. And as an added bonus they do menswear as well!
I recently pulled some búl pieces for a shoot I'm styling and was struck by the attention to details. Concealed buttons on jackets, beautifully constructed garments even the tags are adorable and are crafted from a durable material that strongly resembles real bamboo. I think it's the little things like this that make smaller brands like búl really stand out and will ultimately make them successful in a fast paced industry that choose a 'New Big Thing' with every passing day. 
I often find some brands struggle to produce something that seems both wearable and practical for Winter but I think 'Cornwall' finds a lovely balance between delicate knits to ease you into the cold and sturdy coats for those freezing days. And the price point is nothing to shy at either something even I, a struggling student, would not be put off by.
I can't believe it's taken me this long to discover this wonderful brand, probably mainly due to the fact that they are Melbourne based, and I'm really looking forward to seeing what they come up with next season. I really think that búl is a brand to watch for seasons to come!

You can check out past collections and shop online on their website.


  1. I especially loved the very first look you showed, so I went to see the menswear on their website. It's very beautiful as well! Something I would wear myself.

    Love, Sam

  2. This does look like a great collection. Very wearable.

  3. Love how well the pieces lend themselves to being layered! And extra bonus that you can shop online on their website! :)

  4. Oh yum. Love this collection.


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