Saturday, April 14, 2012

N E M E S I S.

Photos courtesy of Mossman.

If you haven't already been alerted to the wonderful world of Mossman Clothing than head on over, inform yourself and then come back.
I was first introduced when my friend Nusardel posted about them and was quite impressed by the way they took trends and turned them into an entire wearable collection.
Their newest collection is entitled 'Neon Nemesis' and as you might have guessed is centered around the neon/colour blocking trend. To be quite frank I really despised the neon trend when it first came out, I couldn't understand why people wanted to look like traffic controllers on a daily basis? So it was with bated breath that I opened up the first shots from the new campaign and was pleasantly surprised at what I saw. Mossman has taken the rather obnoxious trend of neon and applied it to softer, more feminine pieces which balances the whole thing out and turns it into something even I would love to wear. Beautiful neon yellow lace bodysuits, soft floaty blouses in acid brights and I especially love the fuscia knit which I can see being worn numerous times through the heart of winter. I think the key to successfully creating a collection around one trend is to understand the faults and work around it, by taking into consideration the harshness of neon they have revamped the trend into something pretty, girly and entirely wearable.
If there was ever a time I cursed my poor student nature it is now, if it wasn't for my sad looking bank account I would be surfing the web and abusing the 'Add To Cart' button. So I feel that it is your duty to buy up a storm and allow me to shop vicariously through you guys


  1. I love that fuchsia knit too! :) Great collection, thank you for sharing :)


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