Saturday, April 7, 2012

P A R A D I S E.

Here we have it people! Freshly pulled, still covered in digital placenta, from the womb of photoshop part two of the photoshoot I did with IDU design students. I'm fairly proud of the styling in this shoot, considering I left half of our accessories at home I think I managed to pull it all together in the end. I decided to name is 'Loin dans le paradis' which means 'Away in Paradise' in French because the whole theme of the shoot was 3 beautiful women from the 1950's taking a weekend away together. Hope y'all like it!
Again, I really wish my photography skills were better because I think it would have improved the day as a whole, but at the same time I don't think I did too bad. Any tips from you shutterbugs would be appreciated! Big, big thanks to Cuppitts Winery for letting us use their grounds free of charge. If you're ever escaping for a weekend down south look them up!
I couldn't fit all the final shots here, so you can see them all over at our facebook page!


  1. Great photo shoot! Love the styling, looks like it would have been a fun day!

  2. Amazing photoshoot! I especially love the first one. ♥

  3. amazing fashion ! love it:)

    Roxalne's sisters

  4. That looks amazing! I totally thought these were scans from a fashion magazine! Well done you!


  5. thanks for sharing these beautiful photos! xoxo

  6. The shots look awesome to me. The dresses are amazing too, btw ^_^

  7. beautiful! vintage rocks!

  8. Great job Laura, the shots turned out fantastic! Loving the range of models, can't help but lust over the short hair on the blonde model! hehe

    You have picked out an amazing location - I would be going nuts with all the different possibilities haha. Those beach chairs look so tempting too.

    x Lauren

  9. These photos look pretty great, we are our own worse critics :)


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