Wednesday, November 9, 2011

P A R K. A V E N U E. 2 0 1 2

Amazing wooly mammoth coat
Obsessed with this ring, affordable version of the YSL arty?
Double rainbow all the way, into the sky.
Clockwise from top left; Cutie Jess. Aprilia's amazing watermelon dress. Nicole getting her furry love on. Apricot danish, nom, nom, nom.

So a few weeks back I had the pleasure of attending the Park Avenue PR A/W 2012 showings, PAPR takes care of some great brands such as Watson X Watson, Coco Ribbon and Pratten. It was here that I pretty much fell in love with every single Watson X Watson piece, especially the amazing tip dyed wooly mammoth like jumper that would be ah-mazing in the dead of winter because it was just so darn furry! Also they had an amazing range of colour blocked bags and purses which appealed to my inner OCD because of the wonderfully coordinated display, so much colour!

Overall a really great showing that I was super privileged to be invited to! Thanks to the Park girls for having me!


  1. So many pretty colours! The collection looks so great. :)


  2. these pictures are amazing & so vibrant! the leopard print boots & huge coat are stunning! xxx

  3. Wow this all looks so cool!
    There definitely are some amazing items among this post!
    So cool you went there indeed!

  4. amazing! lucky girl. i am in lust with all the fur and bold colors.


  5. These are incredible photos. I want every coat, shoe and purse!



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