Wednesday, October 26, 2011

T A T O. & . M E M I

I was literally obsessed with this bomber jacket and continually stroked it all night long
Marijana and myself

Last night I had the absolute pleasure of attending the Tato and Memi A/W 2012 showings. It was my first ever showing so I was more than a little pleased to see that the ladies who organized the evening were not in fact big, scary monsters, but some of the loveliest girls on the face of this planet. I knew from the start that the evening was going to be successful due to the guest appearance made by some delicious Lindt macaroons, enough said right? Now it's pretty hard to top Lindt but somehow Marijana and Tanya, the designers of Tato and Memi, managed to do it rather successfully.

Their A/W collection titled 'Night Bird' is a stunningly created blur of lush silks, metallic entwined tweeds and a dazzling array of sparkles. When I spoke to Marijana she told me that the collection was inspired by her recent trip to Paris, and the impeccably well dressed people that reside there. As someone who travelled to Paris herself I can say most definitely that every single piece would not be out of place draped across a stylish Parisians back. My personal favourites were the cream tweed bomber jacket, the jersey dress with the amazing sequin sleeves or the more than amazing silk maxi dress with a floral pattern that the girls designed themselves! I'm always thoroughly impressed when people who are so incredibly talented can be so nice all at once, how they keep their egos from being monster size I'll never know, and it was really lovely to meet the designers and hear from them personally their inspiration behind the collection.

All in all, an absolutely amazing night, thanks to the girls from Tailormaid Communications and Tato and Memi for having me. I can't wait till next autumn so I can actually get my mitts on a few of these pieces!


  1. Macaroons and nice clothes... That's really close to heaven to me! Ha ha.

    Isabel x

    "I" is for Isabel

  2. Amazing photos! Some of the pieces look really gorgeous.

  3. aaah total masterpieces hanging from every rack...and dressed on every mannequin. gorgeous.


  4. Nice post! Lovely photos. Their styles and designs were gorgeous. The dress on the mannequins were beautiful. Its chic and sophisticated.

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

  5. Hello just wanted to say these photos are amazing!! You look pretty as well!! I don't always comment but I visit your blog religiously, the outfit posts are always beautiful.

  6. I love that cropped jacket! Glad your first event went well :)

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Such lovely lovely pieces! I love the details as well. *hearts*


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