Thursday, June 23, 2011


(Photos courtesy of 'Maycie After Five')
Maycie Tila- Maycie After Five

(Photo courtesy of 'Gary Pepper Vintage')
Nicole Warne- Garry Pepper Vintage

(Photos courtesy of La Vagabond Dame)
Natalie Liao- La Vagabond Dame

(Photos courtesy of 'Shine By Three')
Margaret Zhang- Shine By Three

(Photos courtesy of 'Color Me Nana')
Dylana Suarez- Color Me Nana

(Photos courtesy of 'According to Annika')
Annika.M - According To Annika

(Photos courtesy of 'Another Day To Dress Up')
Megan.S - Another Day To Dress Up

(Photos courtesy of 'La Catrina de la Moda')
Ariana Cabral- La Catrina de la Moda

Welcome to the very new segment of our blog 'Bloggers Do It Best'
When I browse the various blogs that I follow I always notice on thing, there are always certain trends that are worn almost religiously, but each blogger has their own little spin on it. So in essence, that's what 'BDIB' is about, showcasing a certain trend and showing all different bloggers wearing it all different ways. And as you can obviously see this weeks theme was maxi skirts/maxi dresses.
But as well as this, I want it to be a place where new and 'undiscovered' bloggers can show off what they've got! So for our first week, I basically just profiled all my favourite bloggers, but next week I want to do a post of my readers! So if you're keen to get involved just follow the simple steps below;
1. Find two pictures (high quality if possible) that match next weeks theme
2. Send them along with your name, blog name, blog url and TWO other social network sites of your choice (etc twitter, tumblr)
3. Email them to

Easy huh! There are no strings attached, you don't even need to follow our blog if you don't want to, the only requirement is you must be a blogger!
Right so next weeks theme is going to be Colour Blocking I thought I'd stick with the most obvious trends to begin with!


  1. What a great idea!
    Love the choice of images too, I've not come across Annika.M before but her style is to die for.

  2. This is a great idea and you are so kind to showcase new bloggers!

  3. Fantastic idea- love the showcase

  4. Thanks so much Laura! I'm blushing right this minute. I can't even believe that what I post on my blog is even worth a feature. Your new "BDIB" segment is such a great idea. I'm so looking forward to the next ones to come. Thanks again!


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