Saturday, June 25, 2011


(Check out my mean high kick...I should have been a cheerleader!)
Blazer and blouse; Vintage. Wide leg trousers; Dotti. Clogs; Nordic Fusion

 In the past few days us New South Walians have been blessed with a few days of sun! And not that cold, wane, winter light either! I'm talking real, beaming, warm, sweet vitamin D giving light. So I've taken full advantage of this sun and have been outside snapping away all my outfits, so I've collected a little nest egg of photos that I'll be sharing over the new few days! The pants I am wearing in these photos are my new favourites, A) Because they're a wonderful colour and B) Because I feel like a land dwelling mermaid when I wear them. I'm not even exaggerating when I say I've worn them atleast 7 times since I bought them two weeks ago, I think I'm in love, we're going to have an autumn wedding and be very happy together.
I'd also like to point out that I scored the above blazer, which is lined and fitted and just generally wonderful, for a bargain $4 at my local charity store! I think it's really important to practice what you preach and so I try and do a large amount of my shopping at charity stores, some days you walk away with empty hands and other days you walk away with little treasures like this blazer!

In some other news, almost as exciting as the invention of the toaster is; I got through to Round 2 of the Nokia and Elle Style Correspondent competition, I'll be doing a full blog post detailing how you can help but for now, if you want to vote head over to our facebook page for details on how you can vote!


  1. Love those trousers and the colour of them! :)

  2. That is one knock-out blazer! Wow..the details and the craftsmanship is amazing!

  3. those pants look so fun! gorgeous photos, as usual!!

  4. Those trousers are gorgeous! & love the lemon tree in the background. Lovely post :)

  5. love those pants and clogs!

    really great blog!

  6. palazzo pants in chiffon! great concept.
    (but the baby blue maxi skirt still holds my heart)

    CONGRATS on making round 2.
    go get 'em

  7. mean high kick ,great trousers. x

  8. I haven't ever seen a chiffon overlay palazzo pant! Fabulous!! You should consider entering your photos and outfit in the HYPEED Palazzo Pant Challenge

  9. The Dotti trousers look great on you! It's always fantastic to find great chain store buys :)


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