Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Boots; Rubi Shoes. Faux Fur Coat; Vintage. Tshirt; Jay Jays. Shorts; Topshop

So I'm pretty sure just about every fashion blogger...scratch that every female, in the living world owns a pair of Jefferey Campbell Lita's, except myself of course. I've been wanting a pair for so long but I just can't justify spending so much on one pair of shoes when there are 50,000 other things I need money for right now! So imagine my absolute delight when I walked into Rubi Shoes the other day and discovered these! A pair of shoes the spitting image of the Lita's (just slightly shorter) for $20! I think the sales assistant was slightly concerned because I'm pretty sure I had the most manic grin on my face as I paid for them. My only disappointment is that they've got a zipper, and I'd rather be forced to undo and redo the laces all the time than feel super lazy with a zip.
Not only did I get a chance to wear my snazzy new kicks, but my legs got to say hello for the first time in months! I've always been quite pale, and I rather like my pasty complexion but it was still nice to get some much needed vitamin D, paired with these gorgeous silk shorts from Topshop and I think it's a pretty smashing outfit, minus some real JC Lita's.


  1. love these shorts!!

  2. cute, I absolutely love those shorts!!

  3. hey thats a great find! congrats on finding it :) wish i was that lucky sometimes. i bought my litas a few weeks ago - been eating instant noodles for 2 weeks now coz of it :)

    new follower :)


  4. I adore your coat, especially the collar! Nice bargain hunting with the shoes, those are cute!

    --Megan//The Martian Tide

  5. Love the shorts! And yay on your awesome find with the shoes! They rock! Now I want a pair lol

  6. hello there, I'm (Lisa) from Lisa and Kirana from IFB. checked your blog and fall in love with your blog, your header and this post! i'm so head over heels in love with your jacket!

  7. @Natalie Leung Urgh. I'm jealous, I wish I could afford real ones (as much as I love my fakies)

    @ShortSisterStyle They're from Rubi shoes, you might be able to find them online somewhere?

    @LisaKirana Thankyou so much! It's actually my mums jacket I've sort of just spirited it silently into my wardrobe...she hasn't noticed...yet.

  8. The shoes are a bit more cuter than the Litas in my opinion


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