Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Being winter here in Australia I thought it was only fitting to update the store with a couple of cozy knits to get you through the colder nights. As well as those we've got a few dresses and skirts as well! As you all know I love nothing more than a good cardigan and I'll admit I did have trouble parting with that amazing yellow one with the blue baubles, I just love thinking about the person who took the time and effort to make such a unique piece of clothing! In fact most of the knits we've got in store at the moment have obviously been handmade, and I love thinking that a piece of clothing that has obviously had a lot of love poured into it gets a  new life through my shop!
So go and explore all our new listings!

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  1. i'd love to help. :) i just liked your photo! hope you win! let me know! :)


    maybe you could give my blog a visit too! followed you!


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