Thursday, April 28, 2011


White shirt; Solutions. Pink shorts; Topshop. Shoes; I Love Billy. Clutch; Vintage

When the weather gets a little crisp there is nothing better than slipping into a crisp, white mens shirt. I've never been able to really completely pull these shirts off because my shoulders are so broad, but when I put this outfit together the other day I was surprised to see that I actually liked it! Something as masculine as this shirt paired with the gorgeous coral shorts I got from topshop just works!

And not only is it swanky but its comfy! I spent the entire day sipping coffee and eating rum balls and cheesecake. I love days like that were you just lounge around eating with friends. On another hand, I'd like to say that I am currently writing an article for 'Slow Fashioned' and I'm super excited to be doing so! I will keep you posted about when this is all happening!

I'd really like to thank everybody reading this from the bottom of my heart, I have some very exciting things building and it's all because of you guys! So thankyou. Thankyou for helping to make my dreams come true.

Oh and hair is darker. I decided it needed to be a little warmer for winter!


  1. those shorts are so aborable and I live for that clutch! It's so unique and brings so much character to this simple outfit! :)

    Great style, great posts, great blog <3


  2. Lovely blog you have!


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