Friday, April 29, 2011


 May I introduce Briony Burnes from 'Finding Her'.

With a style that can only be described as eclectic and a hair cut that changes quicker than Lady Gaga at the monster ball, we absolutely love Briony's blog which mirrors her own quirky personality perfectly. Combined with the fact that Briony has been a friend of mine for years now, we couldn't NOT feature her!

1. Can you tell us the reason why you decided to make a blog in the 
first place?
I've always kept diaries and I felt like tumblr was another aspect of that.
I use it to track my thoughts and what I'm into at that moment, plus it's just really addictive.

2. You've posted a couple of pieces of your own writing, and some of 
them are quite personal. Do you ever have second thoughts about 
posting things for the world to see?
Oh of course, it's a really scary thought knowing that there are complete strangers reading my inner thoughts, but it's a little more nightmarish when those that I know read it.
I've always had a hard time expressing my feelings and I use my writing to do so, in a way it's how i communicate myself, so I guess I'm just opening up in a different forum.

3. You've got a pretty eclectic style, can you tell us one of your 
favourite brands to wear and why you love it so much?
I change my look weekly, so I wouldn't say I have a favourite brand per say, but I am loving a brand I found called Revival, they are bringing back the old 1950's, 60s rockabilly look that I absolutely love.

4. Favourite 'moment in fashion' from a movie or tv show?
Probably Hermione Granger's Yule Ball dress from 'The Goblet of Fire', it was a beautiful dress and that it also added to the story line as it was a poignant moment for her as a "woman" and as Ron's true love interest

5. You've got just over 170 followers, what special quality do you 
think attracts people to your blog?

I have no idea! I try not to post useless stuff on my blog, mainly because I'm quite OCD about keeping it mostly my own material. I suppose people would be attracted to my blog because I'm real and open with everything.


6. Scenario time! You've been sent an incredibly expensive dress from 
a company and they want you to wear it and endorse it via your blog. 
Only thing hate the dress. What do you do!

I'm the type of person that really steers clear of controversy, and I just know I'd feel really bad telling them that I hated it, so I reckon I'd just grin and bare it. 
Maybe someone out there would love the dress and appreciate knowing about its existence, so I'd think of them while endorsing the hideous mess.

7. We hear along the grapevine that you're a bit of a performer! If 
you could work with any one actor who would it be and why?

I don't know if it's just the teenage girl inside me screaming with desire but I'd really love to work with Johnny Depp, his acting style is so quirky and he creates a soul for each of his characters, that and he is extremely good looking.


8. If you had to wear just 4 things from your wardrobe for the rest of 
your life what would they be?

Doc Martens. High Waisted Shorts. A t-shirt. Black cardigan.

9. At the moment the fashion industry is going through some problems 
with body issues. Can you give us your opinion on what true beauty is?

I've always had that inner battle with my weight and what is counted as "true beauty" but I've come to realise a truly beautiful person is that person who really doesn't care about other peoples opinions of their body and they accept themselves as well as others for who they are. Those are the beautiful people. 

10. Your 5 preferences!

Orange juice or apple juice. OJ, because apple juice always reminds me of pee.

Summer or winter. Winter, cold rainy days.
Tea or coffee. Tea, no milk, no sugar.
Heels or flats. Flats, but mainly my boots.
Dogs or cats. Dogs, because cats give me the sniffles.

If you aren't already a fan of Briony's blog check it out here .

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  1. I totally love Briony's style, awesome feature xoxo

  2. Thankyou very much Alice. Briony has a really great style, she has so many pieces in her cupboard I'd love to steal!

  3. fun to meet Briony! I like her style


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