Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Ok, well I haven't really given you guys a full run down of my adventures in Vietnam, and I've been promising it for days now, so here we are. For anyone thats been reading my blog for a while you know whats going on, but for our newest followers I'll let you know whats happening. 
I've had this European trip planned for ages now, and Vietnam has always been a stopover, 3 days before we fly into Paris, which is good because it soothes the blow of jet lag just a little bit. So here we go; Laura's Adventures In Vietnam.

Day 1
 Well my first impression of the city was, a little apprehensive. There are SO many scooters and to an outsider there appears to just be no rules on the road whatsoever. Another thing that had be quite surprised about Saigon is the atmosphere, there are police crawling around everywhere and it really makes you feel like you're being watched. On our first day we visited Ben Tahn markets which sells food as well as clothes and accessories and what not. I was deeply traumatized after I witnessed a little old lady bludgeon a fish to death with a piece of plywood. Needless to say, we didn't stay at the markets for all that long. Then we visited all the touristy spots around the city such as Uncle Ho statue some of the public gardens and the Theatre Hall. Day 1 had not left a great impression on me, I can't say that I LOVED the city :P  The three things that I will never forget however are the toilet that washes your, know, for you. Stir fried frog. And the fish...may he rest in peace.

Day 2
We got to get out of the city, we had a tour organized that took us around the Mekong Delta region which is known as the largest rice basket in Vietnam. We also got to cruise along the Mekong River which was frankly quite stunning. On the way we stopped over at on of the temples were people go to pray. There were these two ENORMOUS statues of Buddha made entirely of white marble, and the architecture inside is simply amazing. We sampled some coconut candy and I was deeply depressed that I wasn't able to take any home due to customs regulations in Australia. We also got to take a rowing boat ride through some of the natural canals that are around the island. The coconut trees create this archway above the canal and it's so incredibly beautiful.

Snake wine anyone?

The cutest little girl in the world!

We had many different modes of transportation, this was by far the coolest.

A water buffalo cooling himself in one of the natural canals.

Our guide Tsu (pronounced Too) showing us how to eat coconut like a boss.

Awkward positioning of the coconuts

These canals were so incredibly beautiful. The most quiet and tranquil place I've ever been

My dad's favourite shot of the day.

This is my worried face.

Day 3
Our last day in Vietnam, so far it's still only half way done, but I'm not going to get the chance to post until Friday night so I thought I'd better do this now. Today will be spent mainly packing and readying ourselves for the transition from Vietnam's muggy 30 degree temperature to Paris' freezing temperatures. Dad and I are attending afternoon tea in our hotel where we will be spoiled rotten with tea and sweets :)  Still incredibly nervous about the plane ride tonight....I hate planes :P

For even more photos head to my dad's blog Laura and Steve In Europe. Plus dad has his work computer so he gets internet access a whole lot more than I do.


  1. Looks like a great time had! Vietnam is an absolute blast :)

    Friend in Fashion

  2. It really was quite beautiful, I'd definately want to visit the countryside again

  3. Your pictures are so beautiful! I like your blog a lot!



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