Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Michael Cera shirt; Dangerfield. Skirt; Roxy. Glasses; Rayband. Shoes; vintage. Charm bracelet; Thomas Sabo

I have no idea what inspired me to dress like this, because as you can see from my previous posts I usually favour much more girly, classic clothes. But for some reason today I put on my pencil skirt and slipped on some wide frames. Maybe it was the fact that on my shirt I was wearing the world's most adorable geek...who knows. All I know is that it works people, it truly works. All I can really say about all this is 'Super geek, super geek, she's super geeky!'

By the way, I'm still in Vietnam, tomorrow we leave for Paris and I am CRAPPING myself. We went on this ridiculously cool tour today along the Mykong River so I'll post some photos of that for you guys later on.

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