Wednesday, March 23, 2011

G L I T T E R & R O C K 'N' R O L L

I haven't posted some of my favourite outfits for a while, so here are some of the outfits I've seen recently and LOVED.
Looking through the photos I picked, I've noticed I have  thing about oversized clothes. I guess I have always thought when girls wear oversized clothes it's kind of beautiful. Which is ironic becauseI find boys in tight shirts so ridiculously attractive.
Photos like this make me wish so bad that I lived in a town that had a 'fashiony' culture, the biggest trend in my town are too tight skirts and belly warmers. It makes me want to cry into my dresses and pat them and tell them "It's ok one day we'll live somewhere where you're all appreciated"
Does anyone else that reads my blog live in a small town? Can you understand my pain?

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