Tuesday, March 22, 2011

S P O T S & S T R I P E S

Skirt; thrifted vintage. Striped blouse; Lucas and Marc. Blue flats; Kmart. Hat; vintage. Rings; Etsy. Charm Bracelet; Thomas Sabo

I found this skirt the other day at the salvation army charity store, and I can't even begin to tell you how long I've been looking for a nice floaty polka dot high waisted skirt. I keep seeing them all over the place but they're either too expensive or just not quite right. When I saw this I literally ran up to the mannequin and RIPPED it off the hanger, I think the ladies in the shop thought I had gone quite mad.

I'd also like to point out that I leave for Europe in exactly 3 days. I am so excited I might just cry and/or wet my pants simultaneously*. I am going to visit some of the major fashion cities of the world, but it's not so much the fashion as in stores and whatnot, it's the street style. I have been a huge fan of Londoners style for years now and to get to see it first hand excites me greatly.

*Not really, I haven' wet my pants since I was like...fifteen....KIDDING!


  1. Love the skirt!

    x K

  2. Really cute skirt :) its such a great find..I often rip things off the mannequins I think the ladies get quite annoyed. ahaha.

    You are Aussie?? Your house looks very aussie..if that makes any sense :)

    Also upclose that top is really cute x

  3. Yes I am Australian actually, good guessing.

  4. Yeah in response to your comment..the horse jumper was from Ally :)


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