Monday, March 14, 2011


Ah, yesterday I had a supercalafragalisticexpialadocious day. It was just one of those days where nothing much really happens but the things that DO happen are so freaking wonderful it makes you want to cry (in a good way).

Yesterday I had a delicious breakfast, I had a surprise visit from my best friend that recently moved out, I had a delicious lunch with my best friend, then went down to the beach with another of my closest friends and took truck loads of silly photos, then I went to work where I served the NICEST customers we have ever had. In short, an excellent day.

So here are all my favourite photos from yesterday, yes I know they may be silly and cliched but I had such a ball taking them and having them taken of me I couldn't care less!

Everything I am wearing in these photos was thrifted from my local salvo's except the clogs which are a from SWEEDEN!

These aren't all the photos because there were frankly too many to put in one post. So the rest will be put up tomorrow :)


  1. Hi, thank you for your message with ifb, hoping we could follow one another with google friend connect? I follow you now :)

    Love the pics, really amazing and very inspiring!

    xx viviane

  2. Wow stunning shoots! looks amazing over there.x
    I Love vintage stuff too :)

  3. So gorgeous. Where exactly is that beach?

  4. It's a beach on the South Coast of NSW, Australia and ironically enough it's called 'Pretty Beach'
    Stunning isn't it :)


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