Friday, March 11, 2011


So I know this is a fairly pathetic attempt at showing my sympathies, but at the moment it is all I can do. So in leiu of Japan's horrible natural disasters this post is dedicated to anyone who lost their own life, who lost a family member or a loved one. To anyone who's house was destroyed, their business or livelihood. To all those people who's lives have been forever changed, this post is for you.

For anyone reading this, I urge you to donate, dedicate, have a moments silence or even just keep all these people in your thoughts. I'm hoping very soon that I can organize some form of auction/fundraiser towards rebuilding the damaged areas and I'll keep you all posted.

These photos I took today are from just around my house, I think because of all this crap stuff thats been happening it's quite fitting to display some photos of the natural beauty that I managed to find just outside my door.


  1. Ooh these pictures look so sunny and cozy! I'm dying for spring!!

  2. It's actually just come into Autumn here, so all the leaves are JUST starting to turn orange :)


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