Monday, March 14, 2011

B L O G G E R O F T H E W E E K.

I'm so excited to introduce our newest 'segment' on our blog- 'Blogger of the week.'

Drum roll please!

This week we were lucky enough to interview the talented Miss Jasmin Howell from 'Friend In Fashion'. We're all big fans of her blog and her style and so we were thrilled when she agreed to let us interview her!

Hey Jasmin. Thanks again for doing this interview, we're thrilled to have you. Now you've got a pretty amazing style. Your outfits always seem really well put together! Do you generally tend to 'plan' an outfit or do things just come together as you get ready of a morning?

Thank you! Generally, I’ll just wake up with an idea of what I’m going to throw on, then take it from there! Sometimes it goes exactly to plan, other times, I dig through my wardrobe until I find a perfect combination.
I usually put a bit more thought and planning if I’m attending an event or a more formal occasion.

How do you feel about being considered an 'icon' in terms of fashion. Does it ramp up the pressure in terms of getting it right every time?

I am definitely your every-day kind of girl. I don’t really follow trends as such on my blog, for me it’s more a case of wearing the things I like, when I like, as opposed to nailing the ‘it’ look. I love incorporating vintage into my outfits to create something a bit different.

How do you feel social networking sites such as Blogspot, Chictopia and have increased your readers and page views?

I think style sites like chictopia and lookbook are fabulous! They really give everyone an opportunity to share their own style. I also find these style sites as a great source of inspiration for me.

There have been so many occasions where people assume being a style blogger is an easy and cushy job, how hard has it been for you to grow your career as a fashion/style blogger?

I would by no means consider blogging cushy, or easy.
There is a lot of work that goes into maintaining a blog. Everything from styling, photography, editing, writing and publishing, but for me, blogging is a passion and a hobby that I love.

Do you have any major influences in terms of celebrities/designers when it comes to your own personal style?

For me, you can’t go past the classics - Audrey Hepburn, Bridgett Bardot, Grace Kelly.
Modern day, I love Rachel Bilson and Miranda Kerr.

I know it must be like a mother choosing between her children, but what would your favourite piece be in your wardrobe?

Indeed this is a tough one!
I’d have to say any one of the beautiful vintage dresses, my mum has passed down to me, and believe me, there are plenty!

Vintage fashion has become a bit of a 'fad' lately, why do you think vintage fashion has suddenly exploded in the fashion world?

I think vintage fashion is so appealing, because it allows you to really express your individual style and personality.
It’s also the opportunity to own something no one else has that I think is so appealing.
For me I love the thrill of finding something truly unique and reinventing a piece that ordinarily may have never seen the light of day.

What sort of amazing opportunities have you been given as a result of your blog?

Last year I was lucky enough to travel the world.
Through my blog I had the opportunity to meet up with some amazing international bloggers, who were kind enough to show me around their cities.
It was a chance to get a unique insight into a city, its fashion, food and hidden gems. It was also an amazing opportunity to make some life-long friends.

So, secretly we'd like to steal your entire wardrobe...where do you get most of your pieces from? Are you a thrifter or more of a designer lover?

I am most definitely a thrifter!
I also love to incorporate unique pieces from young, emerging designers into my wardrobe.

If you hadn't been a fashion blogger, what would your ultimate job be?

Anything which combines my love of fashion, travel and food! Maybe a writer or a photographer.

Do you think that fashion blogging is simply a job, or do you feel it's more of a lifestyle?

Being a personal style blog, Friend in Fashion is definitely a big part of my lifestyle!

At the moment the Australia Fashion industry is stronger than ever, as an Australian we thought it was only right to ask you who your favourite Aussie designer was!

Camilla and Marc are always fabulous, I also really love Zimmerman.

When you look at photos from style bloggers from London you can see that Londoners have quite a distinct style, how would you describe Australia's 'style identity'?

I think it’s difficult to pin-point Australia style. Being such a diverse country, culturally and in terms of lifestyle, I think there are many different influences to Australian style.
Aussies have a unique way of taking International trends and adding a uniquely Australian twist, which makes it so fabulous.

We think Jasmin is pretty special and her blog is equally rad. If you haven't already seen it be sure to check her out at 'Friend In Fashion'. Please note all images displayed in this post are from 'Friend In Fashion' and so all rights belong to them.

If you're interested in being interviewed for our 'Blogger of the week' section make sure you email us at

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