Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I lost my mind long ago...down that yellow oh brick road

Hi all.

Today was quite a lovely day. I had loads of fun. I went and had yet another rompus time in the grass. I also photographed lots of new things for the shop which are now up and available at And guys even if you don't buy something yourself, I would really appreciate any way in which you can spread the word :). Friends, family, random people on the street. They're ALL welcome.

Anyway, so I'm super ridiculously excited about tomorrow because I am heading to the city and hopefully will return with some beautiful items to add to the shop.

Now, I sort of half attempted to make a picture story with these but I doubt anyone will get it, so lets just introduce it as 'Laura's romp in the grass take two'. If you're feeling creative feel free to make up a story to go with the pictures and posting it as a comment. Most creative gets a hug and a cookie from me

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