Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Behind the Scenes...

Not that I'm at all famous in any way shape or form.

But I thought my 3 loyal followers :P might nonetheless be interested in seeing some 'Behind The Scenes' shots from todays Wrinkle In Time Vintage photoshoot. So here they are.

Sorry that some of the photos are a little blurry, my mum isn't too great with the camera just yet, but I thought the pictures had character to them :)

So there you have it. There aren't many photos but there you go. Please don't comment on my attire because when I'm between outfits I like to wear my trackie dacks because they are the most comfortable piece of clothing, not just in my wardrobe, but in the WHOLE WORLD!


  1. I like the outfits, especially the last one with the trackie dacks!=)And the funny faces of course!

  2. Ha! Thankyou. Well when you're running around like an idiot literally throwing clothes all over the place in effort to get changed quicker its really nice to put on some track pants and slow down :P


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