Monday, May 7, 2012

M B F W A. P A R T. 1

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I have my fingers crossed that we can keep these posts as a two part session, but at the rate I'm going it will be weeks before I'm done. Here is my show wrap up for MBFWA Part One, to keep this blog not too image heavy I've just included thumbnails and then links to each full review on the tumblr we set up for our 'Exclusive Coverage' of MBFWA. Hope you all like it and feel like you've gotten a little peek inside Australia's biggest industry event. If there was something you wanted to know/see/hear about that we haven't covered let us know and we'll do our best to get it up, or cover it next year!

Aurelio Costrella When I received my invite for Aurelio Costarella I knew it was going to be good, I was not however expecting it to be AS good as it really was. To say some of...Read More

Miss Unkon We were fortunate enough to get to interview the lovely Courtney Meyer, the designer of Miss Unkon, so instead of attempting to put the aesthetic of the show into...Read More. And also read our interview with Courtney Meyer here

Talulah Talulah was fantastic. Really though it was inevitable that it was going to be mind blowing, the buzz created by news that the insanely beautiful Australian blogger Nicole...Read More

Camilla I’m going to be completley honest here and say; I wasn’t expecting much from Camilla. If you’ve read my blog for more than a few days then you’d be well aware that...Read More

Alice McCall What can I say about Alice McCall aside from wowser? Hands down my favourite show of MBFWA, Alice showcased a kaleidoscope of lust worthy dresses and...Read More

Bec and Bridge For me Bec and Bridge was one of the most anticipated shows of MBFWA. I’ve been in love with them ever since I saw shots of last years collection and fell head...Read More.


  1. Great round up! Thank you for taking the time to do this :)

    I saw a pic of the camilla show - I can't remember which blog, but the kids looked so cute, I'm not surprised it got an "aww" from the audience at the end :)

  2. pretty happy when I saw Nicole open up for the Tallulah show.
    she's such a babe =)
    And Alice McCall was really good as well.
    really looking forward going to MBFWA for the first time next year.


    Style Hostess

  3. Super COOL collection...great pieces...thanks for sharing my dear.,...i like so much your BLOG =)




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