Monday, April 23, 2012

M I S T E R. M Y S T E R I O U S

Wool cape; Thrifted. Dress; Cotton On. Shoes; Unknown. Hat; Distinctive via Handbags Hub

Ok I promise this is going to be my last 'in-a-row post' I'll give you all a rest tomorrow night. The only reason I've been compulsively posting is because I have SO much to post about and I want to get it all out before FW starts, so excuse my 'post vomit' in the time being.
Technically this is only half a post, as you know, I posted about this gorgeous hat last night because I felt it was so brilliant it deserved a write up all of its own. Here we have the complete outfit and not to toot my own horn but I'm actually really proud of it. The only way this outfit could be more 'me' was if I ran around naked with 'LAURA' painted on my belly in big letters, and no one wants to see that, so lets stick with the dress and cape combo. Like I said in yesterday's post, this hat reminds me strongly of the attire worn throughout every single Agatha Christie movie, I am such a huge fan of this way of dressing and I think it's really sad that nobody really dresses like this anymore. Dressing in a way that is demure and elegant just isn't 'cool' anymore, with people preferring to expose as much skin as possible. I've made it my one woman mission to bring mystery back to dressing, 'Sunday Best' is not old fashioned it's coming back and in a big way. Just you watch.


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    1. ooops, sth went wrong while commenting - guess mr. poirot would find a solution to this problem pretty fast;)
      you look avbsolutely great! I really think you should adopt agatha christie style:)

      staklene bombone

  2. Love the hat as a pop of colour with the black! Really nice outfit :)

  3. nice outfit...i like the hat :)

  4. Thank you very much for the comment on my blog!
    What a beautiful shoot, you look very elegant! A actually have a hat that's somewhat similar but I hardly wear it because it's too big for me but after seeing this post I think I might out it on anyway :)

  5. cute hat!


    in love with your cape and Hat...amazing and super pretty.

    XOXO from MUNICH

    La Vie Quotidienne

    You can check my new DIY....a NEON BAG :

    I open my SHOP 2hand and new:

  7. it looks good love the cape
    text for free at

  8. Hi! I like this outfit! the hat is lovely!!! :))

  9. Wow, you look gorgeous! I love this post and I love chic dressing up but always end up getting called "ma'am" when I dress up in elegant clothes. "ma'am" as in an old ladyish ma'am. Sheesh. Wish I could go back in time to the.....well, we could start with the 1950's/1960's??? Thanks for your kind comment on my blog and I'm following you on GFC and bloglovin.

  10. Thanks for coming by to my blog and in turn intorducing me to yours. Loving your chic look. You certainly know how to rock a cape and hat! P.S. My sister was obsessed with Agatha Christie growing up so we used to watch her relentlessly (in addition to reading the books).

  11. I absolutely love the muted black palette with that one punch of berry red - so beautiful!

    Alexandra xo

  12. You look so lovely!!
    Beautiful pictures!

  13. I adore that look marvelous!! Very beautiful!! Thank you for visiting me doll, i appreciate it :) I hope you have a super day!! xx Gorgeous blog :)


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