Friday, March 2, 2012

L E M O N.

Kimono/Blouse; Vintage. Shorts; Topshop. Shoes; Unknown.

I feel like I'm always searching for that 'perfect afternoon', I used to think it involved a good cup of coffee, a book and my bed, but I'm fairly certain the afternoon that I took these photos takes the cake. I've been desperately trying to find something to wear with this vintage kimono for what feels like years, but was realistically only about two weeks, when my mum suggested 'Why don't you just wear it with all white?' I'm not sure why this rather obvious answer didn't occur to me sooner but I'm glad that someone lead me there in the end. I can't believe how amazing the print on this kimono looks when paired with an all white backdrop, it really brings out the stunning lemon in it and makes the floral pattern just burst right out of the material. I think having this amazing scenery to shoot in helps too, but I'd like to think this piece would look sensational just about anywhere. 
I was so pleased with how beautiful and serene the photos looked that I actually couldn't narrow it down to one post, so here are just of my favourites and the next lot will be coming at you next week!
Also for those of your who haven't heard me blubbering about it on my other many social media platforms, I was fortunate enough to be given a media pass for L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival and will bringing it all to you starting next Saturday! I cannot wait! The word excitement doesn't even begin to cover it.


  1. I love this kimono its gorgeous, I really want a patterned vintage one for myself.


  2. Beautiful photos. I'd love to be in that exact location right now.


  3. this kimono looks very special!
    great photos!
    visit my blog please))

  4. love your photos!!

  5. Your kimono is stunning and it looks even better against that beautiful background! I love the subtle floral pattern!

  6. pretty pics!!!^^
    i love the location ;)
    i follow you on Bloglovin :D
    can you follow me too?¿?


  7. love you kimono nice pics!

  8. the place in you photos looks like a place of beauty. it's funny how we both talked about the color yellow, & featured lemon in our posts. ;) have a grand time at the fashion festival! please oh please take lots of photos.

  9. I love Austalia . Australia is realy beautiful place . Love your blouse !

  10. Thank you! Amazing photos! :-**

  11. That is so exciting! I hope you post lots of pictures! I love that your mom suggested to wear all white. I am 31 and have to admit that my mom is always right. Sigh.


  12. Can't decide which I love more -- the kimono or those pretty shorts! xo


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