Sunday, March 25, 2012

K E E P I N G. W A R M

Wool cape/Blouse; Thrifted. Gloves; Jay Jays. Booties; Unknown. Shorts; Paradisco

It's official we have come full circle. When I first started this blog just over a year ago it was just starting to get cold, we then lasted all the way through Winter, Spring and Summer together and now we're back to where we started. Bring on the beanies and knits I say! As much as I love a good little sundress my true passion really lies with winter dressing, I adore layers and matching separates and wool and all the other good things that come with dressing for colder climates. Because let's face it, the more layers you can wear at the same time, the more interesting an outfit is going to be. Take a leaf from Leandra Medine AKA The Master of Layers book and make the catchphrase 'More is Best' your new friend. But being completely honest here even though I love layers, I've never been very good at layers. I can never get the balance between 'chic and snug' and 'abominable snowman' right and always end up either freezing cold with not enough layers or barely discernible beneath a mountain of clothes. So this winter I am making it my mission to own layering, I will become its master, it will bow down before me and bring me lavish gifts.
My first attempt was this wool cape which hides a lot underneath its fluffy goodness, combined with these pleated micro shorts and some amazing multi-coloured gloves you've got a look that is worthy of the winter chill. but doesn't leave you being chased by the villagers with flaming torches. Perfect balance.


  1. Your mitten gloves are amazing! I love the bright colour!


  2. Where did you get your gloves from? I love how colourful they are <3

    1. They're from Jay Jays, but there a few years old now I'm not sure if you could still buy them!

  3. i really like the post a lot .....
    i love the gloves..they r soo colorful :D

  4. Those colorful gloves are just perfect for such a dark outfit, love it!

  5. those gloves are amazing. and the cape!

  6. Fabulous post :)

    Please take a minute to look at my trunkshow;

  7. even though I'm a big fan of layers as well, I have to admit that winter made me miss t-shirt&skirt simplicity:) ready to go in 10 seconds - this is what I'm waiting for right now!
    greetings and congrats on closing the first full circle!

    staklene bombone

  8. I love the bright gloves with the dark outfit! :)


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