Friday, March 23, 2012

G R E E N. D R E A M

Blouse; Huntingbird. Pants; Vintage. Shoes; Unknown.

I'm not the sort of person that falls in love very easily, sure I fall in like all the time, but gaining that giddy, head-over-heels love is not an easy task for me. That deep all consuming passion is reserved for a very few select pieces in my wardrobe, one of those pieces happens to be these pants. I love everything about them the cut, the colour, the funky double layer-split-leg thing that it's got going on. They're just perfection in a pair of pants and considering the SS12 trends that are still floating around (thank you Marc Jacobs) they're perfectly on trend. I originally wore this outfit at LMFF and didn't get the chance to take any photos of it, so I quickly whipped it back on to take some snaps in front of this perfectly idyllic old courthouse. I really love how the colours in the location compliment the outfit, yay for unexpected colour coordinating.
The 'sugary sweet' trend has to be one of my favourites for quite a while, it's just something that appeals to my own style so much. I love white, pastels, lace, floaty skirts and lady like shapes. I've been searching for the perfect pencil skirt for quite a while and I'm so excited because they're just starting to drop in stores. That's the worst thing about working in fashion, you're always so much more aware of trends than other people and so you always end up waiting for trends to turn into actual stock for months.
I hope you've all been having good weeks, mine has been one of big decisions but ultimately I'm happy with how everything has turned out and I'm excited to see what's in the future! And just a quick little side note, we're now on Pinterest! So if you want to see some extra bits and bobs that we won't show here check us out!


  1. Beautiful outfit - I really like how your nails pop against the white! :) Lovely :)

  2. You may not fall in love easily, but I have. THOSE PANTS! It's like a pair of wide legged pants jumped on the back of a maxi skirt and engaged in... coitus. But in the good way. The fact that they're a minty green does give me more of a reason to like them, but they're still amazing. Also, not that this was at all the focus of the post, but I couldn't help but notice the spontaneous POCs with your nails and lips, and the cute little flicks of eyeliner. Is it weird that I'M the one calling YOU cute? Not at all... x

  3. Love what you're wearing. I really NEEEEEED those wide legged pants. SO GOOD. The crop top is just amazing. And being a shoe hoarder, i must say, those suedes are beautiful. They really go with your outfit.

    Y'know what, i'm totally in love with what you put together. Just AMAZING. :D

    1. Thank you SO much. It's really lovely of you to write such a nice comment

  4. Love your outfit and the photos are beautiful!


  5. Love the color of the nail polish!

  6. Really nice outfit, you look gorgeous!!

  7. These pants are gorgeous and this outfit looks AMAZING! I love the mint balanced with the white and the pop of the blue nails! Gorgeous babe!


  8. Those pants are super amazing and I really like that top. I'm still searching for a good pencil skirt too, I can never find one that sits nicely.
    You pull off those pants so well. Pastels definitely suit you =]
    I can't wait to see you!!!!!!!!


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