Sunday, February 12, 2012

C O M F O R T.

Hat and shorts; Topshop. Blouse; Minkpink. Necklace; Lovisa. Shoes and cardigan; Unknown.

I know I'll probably get booed off stage for this but; I've never really been a fan of colour blocking. Atleast not the acid-bright type that everyone would have you believe is the height of fashion. There is just something about it that seems too much and almost attention seeking, but I will admit when 'colour blocking' is done using only one colour or a few colours that are very similar it can look well put together and very elegant. So today I decided to go for a muted, earthy colour palette with a splash of bright mustard to liven up the party. This colour combination is my favourite, and will probably remain that way for all eternity, the wine red and mustard colours work so well together and create an overall look that's very sophisticated and I feel that Audrey and Grace would approve.
I think anything that makes you feel wonderful when you wear it is great, and whether that be acid bright colour combinations or something similar to my style of colour blocking, it really doesn't matter as long as your comfortable. Because let's face it, when it comes to getting dressed comfort is key.


  1. Oh, you look so beautiful!
    I love your leather shots!
    love your blog!


  2. Lovely photos, I adore the hat and leather shorts! :)

  3. The nails! Makes me want a glass of red wine. x

  4. love your outfit! love your shoes! gorgeous!


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