Wednesday, January 18, 2012

M E L B O U R N E. P H O T O. D I A R Y.

I know, I know, it's taken me way to long to get these pictures up. I'm sorry I've been really busy and trying to pump out some solid outfits for you blog lovers to drool over (the things I do for you guys). But here it is, my favourite snaps from Melbourne. I'm still trying to decide whether I liked the food or the shopping better but to be honest I think the Auction Room took the cake (literally) for me. Amazing coffee and amazing sweets, what more could you possibly ask for?
I really do hope I get the chance to head back to Melbourne in the not-too-distant future as it's definitely the sort of place I can imagine spending extended periods of time, but to be honest I'll always be a Sydney gal. I grew up there and even though I've moved now, a lot of my family still lives there and I do spend two days a week there, so I guess it's like my second home. So thank you Melbourne for the wonderful food and shopping, it was a pleasure meeting you, hope we get to see each other again soon.


  1. Lovely photos Laura! I haven't been to Melbourne for way too long. Sydney always seems to win when it comes to booking a weekend away. Definitely want to go back there soon... Most probably more for the food than the shopping, ha! x

  2. these photos are wonderful, melbourne is amazing :) x

  3. Melbourne is incredible - you've captured the essence of it beautifully! If only the weather would behave then I might consider living there!

    Ahka Vintage SHOP
    Ahka Vintage BLOG

  4. I love Melbourne, it's such a fun place to go! The St Kilda area is badass. Sounds like you had a good time :)

  5. gorgeous pictureeeeed! I also want to spend extended periods of time there haha

  6. so beautiful photos!

  7. Than man playing piano is amazing picture! i like your shoes a lot!

  8. great photos! and i so love your studded flats!!

  9. lovely to see that you had a great time in melbourne
    these photos are amazing!
    i love your loafers, i'm going to have to buy myself a pair :)

  10. Hiya, thank you so much for the visit and comment at my Blog.
    That looks like a lovely place to visit!

  11. I'll always be a Sydney girl too, but Melbourne always entices me over ;)

  12. These photos are beautiful. I've just been dying to go to Melbourne recently...


  13. GREAT photos!! Oh my, I am super keen to visit Melbourne's CBD and laneways properly! How comfy are those studded Lindsay slippers from Rubi! I got them too and they're perfect everyday shoes :)

    x Lauren


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