Saturday, January 21, 2012

G O I N G. G L O B A L

There is nothing I adore more than seeing Australian brands really take off and start to conquer the world. So I was more than pleased when I saw that MINKPINK has launched their first ever global ad campaign. I personally think that MP perfectly encapsulates everything it is to be young and carefree and the campaign shots completely represent this. The styling for this shoot couldn't have been more perfect, I adore the bright colours and the little hints of nostalgia scattered throughout with the toy store and the animal masks. Being honest here I struggled big time to pick my favourite shots, but in the end the winners in my eyes have to be the flamingo sunglasses and amaze-balls velvet skirt, or the adorable shot from the miniature car ride. MINKPINK is most definitely going places, and personally I can't wait to see what they come up with next!


  1. im from new york city and for some reason australian brands are the ones that tend to catch my eye the most even though sometimes it seems like i've seen everything.

  2. This is so... hmm... AWESOME.

  3. oh so cool!!! love it!

    xoxo from rome

  4. I love australian brands!

  5. Nice photos!
    Beijos <3

  6. These photos are gorgeous! Very striking. I always knew Minkpink would do well; I read in a magazine last year that they were going to be big news and I've had my eye on the brand for a while. Such lovely clothes. You blog is divine, by the way! Grace xoxo

  7. I love these photos, they look so bright and colourful :) Great advertisement for minkpink I think :)


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