Friday, November 4, 2011

A L I V E.

Trench coat; vintage. Blouse; ASOS. Palazzo pants; Sportsgirl. Shoes; Unknown. Ring; Vintage. Necklace; Random cheap shop.

Yet again another amazing location that I was luckily enough to stumble across. In the months building up to summer there is always a lot of back burning around my area to help stop any potential bush fires, it always seems like after a fire the bush rejuvenates itself with a vengeance and this is certainly the case here. I suppose you could say; after death life is more visible than ever before. The trees are charred and blackened but the bracken and undergrowth has come back greener and bolder than ever, and it stretches on for ages! To be honest the photos really didn't capture the beauty and tranquility of this place, such a lovely place to stand and listen to the's very Pocahontas of me.

I'm sorry this post is so rushed, but as I type this I'm currently trying to simultaneously answer emails, eat dinner and get dressed for work. I promise I'll write something more witty and cohesive next time. Expect some goodness from Watson X Watson and Mrs Press in the not-too-distant future!


  1. Awesome, such great pants. And that's a beautiful location!

  2. The location is stunning! Truly beautiful photos. x

  3. Your blouse is so pretty, love the print! And your coat is nice,too. The location is so beautiful :)

  4. WOW loving the pineapple print top and the necklace, they jazz up the classic trenchcoat and black pants :)
    Where exactly is the location, if I may ask? :)


  5. its great seeing the same top worn another way!

  6. I love the trench coat!! Such a classic piece!!!

  7. So chic ! Love the mystery of this background ! Great pics !

  8. Love the trench coat. These photos are so lovely!!


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