Monday, October 17, 2011

T I K K I T I B O O. A H K A

We all know that the best things come in pairs: Mary Kate and Ashley, Jimmy Choo's, pigtails, best friends and weekend days. And this is no exception when it comes to blogging sisters Lara and Tura, they are our first bloggers to answer the tough questions as part of our new feature! So sit back, relax and read on!

1. Your name please! Lara & Tura.  We are two sisters - we can't live with each other, but really can't live without each other.

2. And you’re how old?  Hmm, let's just say we aren't as young as we used to be. There is a age gap of 14 years between us. Let's just aim for the late twenties mark shall we?

3. What on Earth inspired you to start blogging?  Our two vintage stores, Tikkitiboo & Ahka Vintage.  Call us naive but we really had no idea what a blog was before January of this year (we were part of the 'old school' class that was still catching up with how to send an email!) But, since I [Tura] am rather fond of getting my picture taken and don't mind posing, I quite liked the idea of getting my face out there. Sometime we even rope in beautiful Ashlei, our model from Ahka Vintage. Also some good friends commented how much they liked both of our styles, they were the ones who helped us see that how we dressed was really worth documenting.

4. Tell us a little bit about your baby..err…blog! (Where you get inspiration from, what you blog about, your favourite posts)  Vintage fashion - obviously! We are both hard core thrifters and can't walk past a secondhand shop. We wear vintage fashion in our daily life for work and play - so most of our inspiration comes from that. Beautiful natural surroundings really make us excited - you can't look past nature for inspiration. For that reason my favorite posts are the ones that are on the blog right now - set in a beautiful park with reeds as tall as your head! Coupled with that we are both quite creative and love making art - we find inspiration in many places!

5. Your favourite trend at the moment? The 60's are my favourite era for fashion, and Lara is 70's. So the bright pops of colour sit well with us. However we're really digging the tailored, tuxedo look gracing some of the catwalks lately. A little tailoring suits just about any body shape.

6. Favourite ‘Moment in Fashion’?  Ok this is going to start showing our age. Spring/Summer 1999 when Alexander McQueen created art magic by spray painting a white tube dress. It was incredible. Being a little on the artsy side ourselves this just made us goo and gaa. Plus we were (and still are) huge McQueen fans; and absolutely love what Sarah Burton is doing with it.  

7. If your life was a movie who would play you, and who would you cast as your love interest? 
Tura: Can I cross decades here? I would be Audrey Heburn (lofty I know - kudos for confidence though right?) and my love interest would be Roger Moore.
Lara: Love interest; Johnny Depp for sure, and honestly I have no idea who would be me!

8. If you were a vegetable what would you be and why? 
Lara: - A chilli, I like the colour red.
Tura: Zuccini - just for the colour again!

9. And away from your fabulous life as a fashion blogger what do you do? Run two vintage stores!  

10. Let’s continue this wonderful spreading of love, tell us a few blogs that you love to read!  
Pull Your Sox Up - This woman is the bomb - it makes us realise that growing old is a load of fun!
Esme & the Laneway - Just because she's beautiful and reliable. You know each post will showcase something magically vintage.
Create - Leigh has the most uh-maze-ing artwork, it keeps me inspired.

All photos courtesy of Tikkitiboo + Ahka Vintage


  1. yesssssssssssss so lovely! great interview.

    xo zebra and meerkat

  2. Everyone should check out Desiree at Pull Your Socks up she is amazing.I love Esme too am now going to visit Create.

  3. I've been following these two for a while! Great interview!

  4. oh my goodness! Thank you for sharing these lovely ladies! I LOOOVE short hair! It takes a confident woman to pull it off!

    -Heather from

  5. Beautiful girls and amazing outfits! Wow!

  6. hi darling. great feature. thanks for sharing. you have such a lovely blog

  7. Wow that first dress is incredible, the sleeves are so cool and that silhouette is amazing.


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