Saturday, October 15, 2011


Lets just talk about a few things that for me, truly evoke a sense of summer.

Juicy mangoes. Coconut sunscreen. Windows down. Music Blaring. Pretty dresses. Tan lines. Late nights. Sleeping on the beach. Crackle of camp fires. Slap of thongs on the pavement. Doing the quick dash across the boiling sand. Lemonade. Ripped shorts. Hair to your waist. Days so hot you don't move. Sleeping without sheets on the bed. Cicadas as loud as a rock band. Sand in everything. Road trips. Frogs at night. Banana smoothies. Salty hair. Heat. Late afternoon swims. The humble sausage sandwich. Perfectly blue skies. Afternoon storm clouds. Running through the rain. Watermelon ice-cream. Wandering for hours. Love.

I know that basically that sounds like a huge list of cliche's, but we all know that summer is in fact a terribly cliched month...that's what makes it so special. And I hope by reading this terribly cliched list of cliches', where ever you are in the world, you're feeling a little bit warmer. (And yes I just said the word 'cliche' 4 times in one paragraph)


  1. Very evocative!
    I don't miss the summer though, there is too much lovely-outfit-potential in the Autumn :)

  2. these photos are very summer-nice impressions!

  3. Love the first photo! So cool!
    Poppy xx

  4. Those juicy, sliced mangoes remind me so much of my tropical home! I do miss summer, but also enjoy the change of seasons ;-)

  5. Love all the images. It's fall where I am now, but these did make me feel a bit warmer:)

  6. The sunnies in the second shot are sooooo cute!!!!!

  7. fantastic post!!!;D

  8. adore those white sprinkled sunglasses, so cute!

    mangoes and summer. beautiful.

    winter is approaching here near nyc; stop by if you get tired of the beach....

  9. I am obsessing over mangoes right now. I eat them all the time - I guess it's my way of holding on to summer a little longer xoxo


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