Friday, October 7, 2011


Photos courtesy of Baku Australia

I, as rule, don't wear bikinis. I'm the sort of girl who spends the entire time I'm wearing one nervously pulling it around worried that at any second I'm going to fall out of it and expose myself to the entire beach. I also have zero cleavage with which to fill a bikini so I always end up looking somewhat, deflated? But when some shots from Baku Australia's newest range 'Isle Vista' landed in my inbox, I knew that they would be the exception to my rule. First off the little skirt around the bottom offers that little bit more coverage. Second the bandeau top has some padding for us not so well endowed girls, and the sweetest vintage touch makes it very 'me'. And as the cherry on top the wonderfully bright neon floral's are so on trend at the moment it's insane. Ladies, our search for that perfect summer bikini is over.

You can check out 'Isle Vista' and the rest of the Baku collection here!


  1. hallo , darling . i'm following you now .
    please follow me back if u want .

  2. Cheers to that! At least I'm not the only one that has that same fear - albeit I DID actually have the horrifying experience you dread (now buried in the deep recesses of my mind) I like the little bum-hiding skirt on this collection - not too much but just enough. xx

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  3. I love these bikinis! And the outfit to the previous post si incredible!! I follow you!!

  4. these bikini shots are fantastic!! and i wish i had that body (and the skin color) in the first photo!


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