Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Jumper; Luka. Flats; Rubi Shoes. Skirt; Paradisco. Scarf; Unknown

I always seem to be on a 'quest' for new items. I see someone else wearing something and then this feverish, bordering on obsessive, hunt for said item begins. The only problem with this is I always have such a specific idea of what I want in my head that it makes it near impossible to find exactly what I want. When I saw Nicole Warne from Gary Pepper Vintage wearing her green fluffy jumper from Ruby Boutique I knew instantly that I needed a bit of fluff in my life, and so my hunt began. When I eventually found this amazing slice of stripey, fluffy heaven by Luka, I knew my quest had reached its end. The only thing I hate about it, and choose to pointedly ignore every time I wear it, is the fact that it's a mullet jumper. The most pointless, useless trend to ever arise from the fashion world. Who knew that something that is considered to be the height of 'boganism' when perched on your head could be so damn popular when transformed into clothing. I can honestly say I have never hated a trend more than I hate the 'mullet' trend, and I cannot wait for the day that it dies a painful death.

But in all honestly this jumper is one of those things that's so much FUN to wear! Whenever I sit down I catch myself stroking my arms absentmindedly, I actually have to resist the urge to start murmuring 'Who's a pretty jumper, you are. Yes you are!' So soft and delicate, it makes me think of clean sheets, babies skin and anything else that's soft and wonderful. Be right back, I'm off to stroke my jumper.

PS- I'd just like to quickly point out that I scored these gladiator sandals for $2. No, I didn't accidentely leave off a zero. Two Dollars! BARGAIN!


  1. Oh my goodness, what a perfect outfit. And I love how the photos have so much movement in them. You can really appreciate the textures :)

  2. That skirt is so lovely. And the sweater is so fun! The whole outfit is wonderful!! I am in love with your blog. Please keep it up!!!


  3. This outfit is perfect. Love the skirt a lot!
    The Latina Blogger

  4. @Danielle. I love wearing outfits with loads of different textures in them!

    @Makena. I don't plan on stopping anytime soon :)

  5. I think I should really invest in a sheer maxi skirt! It looks fab on you!

  6. i love it dear :)




  8. love that skirt dear! cute outfit ;)


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