Friday, June 3, 2011


Blouse; Wrinkle In Time Vintage. Skirt; Ask Alice. Shoes; Therapy.

It's raining, it's seems like winter has well and truly hit, as I sit snuggled up inside my house I can hear the run absolutely bucketing down outside, so I felt inspired to post these pictures because it reminds me of how warm the sun was on the day these were taken. I can't believe how adventurous I've been with shoes lately, normally I would shy away from anything higher than 3 inches but in the last month I've bought two pairs of shoes that have 2 inch platforms! What surprises me most however is how easy they are to walk in, it makes me wonder what I've been missing all these years. I got these Therapy suede booties the other day, they have a tiny mark on them so I got them for half price BARGAIN, and they are super comfy.
I've been trying really hard not to succumb to the temptation of simply wearing neutrals all winter, and I think this blouse which is such a lovely shade of wine is perfect for sprucing me up a bit! One of my absolute favourites from our collection, and you can buy it here! Well I hope you are staying well and truly rugged up, and for our Northern Hemisphere readers we hope you're enjoying the sun while you've got it!


  1. the wine shade is ABSOLUTELY sprucing it up!
    What a splendid and beautiful skirt, this has such a classic feel and you have definitely done amazing by those booties, they give such the look the perfect edge!
    Adoring this blog lovely, and definitely following Xx

  2. Nice look/outfit and color match
    U look fab'

  3. that skirt is beutiful! I've got a very similar one from H&M

  4. I love how you've paired blush pink and wine! I would've been hesitant of that combo but low and behold, it's such a pretty outcome! So much so that I think I'll try it sometime! :) Lovely post m'dear!

  5. I love everything, but my heart is wanting the skirt the most. Kudos to you!:)

    Much love, m.

  6. I've been pining after an accordion pleat skirt like this for months now. Love how you styled it - the boots are especially chic. :)

  7. The skirt looks gorgeous. I was dying for a similar one made my American Apparel, but this one is every better! Love the sheer layer! This blog is beautiful, I'm your newest follower! :)

    --Megan//The Martian Tide

  8. @Megan Thanks so much Megan! We got our's from

  9. I love that skirt and I love it paired with the booties

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  10. therapy shoes are amazing arent they! i just love them :) & also, love the pleats & floatiness & colour of your skirt. but that rich wine red blouse is my favourite piece!x


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