Sunday, May 22, 2011


This suit, despite only being a calico prototype and being only half finished, completely blew me away.
A couple of the garments from last years Expo
This is what I imagine Scuba Steve's girlfriend would wear if she actually existed and was incredibly fabulous.

This Saturday, we were lucky enough to be invited to visit our towns local design school and document their preparation for the upcoming Schwarzkopf Gala Showcase for Hair Expo 2011. To be honest, I was ridiculously nervous as I walked up those steps to the school, because I had NO idea what to expect and I was feeling the added pressure knowing this school has become such a prominent figure in our community! It turns out my nervousness was completely unnecessary. Peter Dwyer, who is the fashion design teacher/mentor/incredibly talented designer in his own right, was one of the loveliest people I've met in quite a while!

While I was there work was being done of one of the concepts for the show, I won't give too much away, but lets just say it involves suits!

Not only was I shown the prototypes for some of the costumes they're creating I was given a tour of the entire school! And then left to my own devices to photograph and drool all over the clothes potter around. We'll be heading back next week to take more photos as they begin construction on garments for the other concepts they'll be presenting. I'd like to thank Peter for inviting me over in the first place, and letting me take photos and what not!

If you want to check out IDU's involvement in last years expo, click here.


  1. Woww, those jackets and dresses already look amazing! Great photos!!

  2. wow! great photos :) can't wait for an update. take care!

    much love,

  3. Amazing photos! Love the dresses, so vibrant!

    Great post!
    Love C x

  4. How very cool! I always get so inspired from being in a sewing just makes you want to create and wear something fabulous!

    You should enter my giveaway love, I think you'd be great for Pinterest!

  5. very cool. that green dress is ridiculous- love it.

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    I'm following you!
    follow me back, please?

    xoxo from brasil

  7. hi great pictures..... i can imagine all the magic there....kisses...visit my

  8. Wow! This must have been an amazing experience. <3

  9. That mock-up calico suit with the killer pointed shoulders is amazing! whoahh! would love to see the finished piece!

    x Lauren

  10. Just so you all know, we will be visiting again to view the finished garments and we'll have loads of photos for you! Another concept the guys are working on 'pure' which involves some STUNNING dresses, will be available for viewing!

  11. Loving the Scuba Steve dresses. very creative and fab shapes


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