Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Red trench; Jay Jays. Trousers; Vintage. Belt; Vintage. Shirt; Supre. Shoes; kMart. Scarf; Brand unknown.

I know in Autumn that this is such a clichéd blogger setting, red clothing in amongst the falling leaves. But I couldn't resist! The sunlight makes the red leaves look like they're literally on fire and it just makes such a stunning location to shoot in. With leaves on the ground comes snow on the mountains and signals the return of woolen trench coats! The temperature has dropped dramatically, meaning it's time to rug up! (Like suit up only cozier)
Also with the cooling of the temperatures means more fun things start, bonfires, toasting of marshmallows, baking, hot chocolate and my birthday! (notice how most of my favourite things involve food). Me and Winter have long enjoyed each others company, and so as he comes trundling in we embrace one another like old friends.

In other news we've add some beautiful new stock to our shop, and I think you guys should all go check it out immediately! Also we have some exciting new handmade projects that will be hitting our store soon, cute little things with just a drop of kitsch to brighten and exciten* your wardrobe.

*Yes I am fully aware that 'exciten' is in fact not a real word...but it rhymed so it's staying.


  1. great photos! love your outfit doll!
    take care.

    much love,

  2. Classic, not cliché! Lovely coat and love the kicking leaves pic! -^_^-

    Circadian Rhythm

  3. Oh that coat! I must have it!
    The photos are gorgeous. Now following :)


  4. gorgeous coat! and the pictures are lovely. following you on bloglovin, follow back? :)


  5. love this outfit so lovely :)

    and i love your blog!


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