Sunday, May 15, 2011


These two reminded me so much of Tavi Gevinson from 'The Style Rookie', which I consider as an enormous compliment.

This has a certain level of coolness that unfortunately I could never achieve.

This mother-daughter duo was possibly the cutest pair I saw all day. I wish my mum would go to Fashion Weekend with me.

Photographic evidence that an outfit always looks better when accompanied by a cheeky smile

One of our main aims at Fashion Weekend was to do some serious style shooting. We managed to shoot a couple of lovely ladies and showcase their amazing style. We thought it was awesome how many girls there were with such unique senses of style, and these are just a couple of them! Unfortunately we actually ended up running out of time and not being able to shoot as many girls as we wanted, but hey, it was our first time at Fashion Weekend. To any of the girls who are pictured above, if you're reading this then hello! And thank you again for letting us take your pictures.

What I find funny is when you walked around it's basically like having all this seasons trends paraded past you, fur jackets, maxi skirts and sheer blouses were absolutely everywhere you looked!

The thing I was most amazed about was how many of them seemed genuinely surprised and flattered when we asked if we could take their photo! How can they not realize how awesome they all looked? Also I sincerely apologize to the three girls whose pictures came out a little funky, the light adjustments on our camera went a little haywire at one stage so we're really sorry that the photos don't look as high quality as the rest!


  1. Oh and also, if anyone doesn't have a Blogger account but wants to be kept updated with our happenings you can look us up on Facebook.

  2. This is really inspirational. You picked the people and their style very well xx

  3. @Sophii Thankyou! We had heaps of fun tracking down some stylish ladies to shoot :)

  4. Very very inspirational. Great job with all these pictures. I've got lots of new ideas now. :)

  5. Looks like a lot of fun. So awesome that you went! Great coverage.


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