Monday, May 16, 2011


This lovely dress is proof that you can NEVER have too many ruffles (or too much orange) in your wardrobe. It reminds me of something that the 'cool girls' would have worn to their formals in the 80's. It just oozes 'retro cool'

I kid you not when I say I came so close to buying this dress for my formal when I saw it online a few months back, so when it came down the runway imagine my shock! I adore the fish tail skirt and the geometric cut outs. Only reason I didn't wear this dress myself? I don't think my...erm, chest region could pull off such a plunging neckline.

This blouse was so floaty and wonderful. In my head this is what I envisioned a cape should look like if you were to wear on during the middle of summer.

Miss Unkon is a brand that I imagine, if it were a person, would be that cool older sister we all envy and wish we had. Unfortunately I didn't get many shots from this show, as my camera decided to die and I was frantically changing batteries half way through. These were the only two photos I got that turned out ok.

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