Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Maxi skirts have become an obsession of mine lately
I'm loving this explosion of androgynous fashion. Gotta love a manly jacket
Coral and tangerine are my two most favourite colours in the world.
Black lace is like sex on legs
I'll be rugging up in woolen trenches this winter.
I want me some maroon velvet shorts! (Yes I'm aware these shorts aren't maroon)

I've never considered myself to be 'trendy' nor have I ever really had my finger on the pulse when it comes to fashion. But lately I've been paying a little bit more attention to the fashion shows and upcoming trends and so I felt it right to post about the trends I'll (not to sound completely cliched and lame) 'rocking' this season....oh god, did I really just say rocking....

Are there any particular trends you guys are feeling drawn to?

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  1. I love maxi skirts and dresses for the Spring. I am only 5'3 but I think the length works well on almost anyone! xoxo

  2. I'm really loving the color blocking trend. I usually wear dark colors, however, I've been craving color lately!

    x Elizabeth / In Between Seams

  3. I try not to follow trends too much but this summer there are so many that I love including florals, colour block and fifties.

  4. I love the floral maxi skirt!


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