Monday, April 25, 2011


Now, I know these aren't really my standard post types. But I felt like writing something with a bit of depth to it. So here we go; My Ode To The Teenager.

What do you think when you look at a teenager? Sulky attitude, a tendency to be incredibly lazy or ridiculously messy hair? I think about power.
Seriously, as a teenager you have access to a ridiculous amount of power. Who do you think influences the music industry? The fashion industry? Art, food, culture in general? We do. The teenager is one of the single most influential figureheads in the world.

We are the do anything, wear anything, be anything generation. And that is something special.

There have been numerous occasions were I have dressed up like a complete idiot and ran rampant around my home town. This isn't greeted with shock, or even indignation! All I get for acting like such a...well, dick. Is a knowing smile, a roll of the eyes, and an occasional fist shake. And you can tell inside these peoples heads only one word can be heard: teenager. Always said as an explanation rather than an insult.

Maybe the reason I'm writing this is sadness, as my years as a teenager draw ever closer to finishing I feel a certain sense of nostalgia. In just over a year I will no longer be able to call myself a teenager. Quite soon I'll have to -shudder- grow up, get a proper job and start thinking about taxes and arthritis and all those things that old people have to deal with.

Of course in 3 years when I am officially a 'twenty something' I will pretend like being a teenager is the last thing I miss. Because thats the great thing about being a's only fun when you are one. It's like a secret club that everyone else is jealous of. We are the elite.

So there we go, my little ode to the teenager. We are surly, we are fashionable, we are what everyone else wishes they were. And I'm sure tomorrow I'll be whining about how horrible being a teenager is and how I can't wait to grow up...but thats ok.

'Cuz thats what we do.


  1. I really love this! Even though it's been a while since I've been a teenager (I just pretend to be one nowadays), I couldn't agree with you more. I remember the days when being lazy was okay or at least understandable. My oh my how I miss those days...

    Have an awesome teenager type of day!!!

  2. naww, whenever people ask me my age, I somewhat feel sad after I say 22 and find out the person asking is only 18/19 if not 17. Or if they thought I was much younger than I'm really am - that goddamn nostalgia does kick in doesn't it!

    I've got to admit - i do miss Under 18 dance parties haha

    x Lauren

  3. Well I'm still counted as a teenager (18 going on 19) but I already feel these years drawing to a close and it's quite scary! I find myself comparing my blog and my lifestyle to 24 yr olds and I have to remind myself that I'm at a completely different part of my life!

  4. Just say a Hello to you. I like your scarf in the pictures. It looks very nice.



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