Friday, April 1, 2011


Yes, thats right i count in French you heard me right. I'm basically fluent :P

Ok, so here are our photos so far of the city of Paris. It's pretty much everything I ever dreamed of (possibly more). And it totally lives up to the stereotypes of fashionably dressed people; walking poodles and smoking cigarettes.

I am incredibly jetlagged in just about all of these photos, in fact I can barely keep my eyes open as I type this but I have to keep myself awake till a good hour so I can adjust faster, so here I go....killing time.

This shot was taken PRE coffee...

If I achieve nothing else in Europe apart from purchasing this bag....I will still be happy

Navy cardigan; Lucas and Marc. Jeans; Jay jays. Oversized tote; Pierre Cardin. Boots; Ariat. Shirt; Jay jays. Scarf and hat; thrifted.

This technically speaking isn't an outfit post, but I gave you a run down anyway. This navy cardigan is more capelike as the sleeves are so huge, it makes for great 'cold weather cardi' as I can tuck my lil' arms inside the sleeves to keep them toasty. Wanna know whats in the bag I'm carrying? WELL not only do I have my computer, hardrive and all corresponding cables. I also have 4 books, trench coat, wallet, ballet flats and camera...I know right, it's a giant bag.


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