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This week we interviewed Maycie Tila from 'Maycie After Five'. In the blogging world, Maycie is basically a baby but her soft feminine style combined with her relaxed and humorous tone of writing makes her blog a definite up and coming star.

Hi Maycie, thanks for doing this interview for us! Now, first of all we'd like to know where your blogs name originated from?

During the day, I work as an attorney's assistant. We work mostly with abused and neglected children in our county. As you can imagine, I deal with a lot of very sad cases on a daily basis. I wanted something light and creative to do after work, so I started my blog. I came up with the name Maycie After Five because I get off work at five.


You have a very clean and classic style, do you take inspiration for your outfits from any paticular brand or celebrity or even era of fashion?

Not really a particular brand, celebrity, or era. It's usually my mood and my daily schedule that inspires me.  I try to dress for the occasion. 

Now, you've children, which obviously means your very busy being a mum all the time. How do you find blogging and fashion fits into your life? 

Oh yes, I'm a very busy mom with very active kids. Aside from my 9 to 5 job, I take my kids to baseball practice, drum lessons, and karate throughout the week. If I didn't find a way to fit my own hobbies into my life, then I'd be be one unhappy robot lady. Not good, not good at all. 

We've noticed you love to wear maxi skirts a lot! Are there any other trends you're really loving at the moment?

At the moment, I'm loving anything white. I have this crazy vision of an all white Spring wardrobe.

Your blog is still a baby in comparison to many! Are you hoping to turn blogging into a career one day or is it something you simply love to do as a hobby?

I've been blogging for almost two months now and I'm having a blast. If the right opportunity should ever come my way in the future, I would gladly think about it.

If you could have any superpower at all what would it be and why?

Flying would be an awesome superpower. I'm terribly afraid of heights, so being able to fly would be the ultimate cure for me.

There's a little part of this interview we like to call, Scenario Time. So here we go: Your favourite designer is having a sale where all items are 90% off, but you have an important meeting at the same time. What do you do? 

It would totally suck to miss the sale, but I would go to my meeting. I just hate being late for important things. 

Lately, the fashion industry has become much more accessible to everyday people, why do you think this change has just suddenly occurred?

I think it changed suddenly because there's a high demand for it. People know what they like and if the price is right, they will make that purchase. 

Are your locations scouted out or is it just something you stumble upon?

I live on the central coast of California. Here, there's a nice combination of beaches and forests.  I usually just take photos around my neighborhood.

Five preferences:

Ride a bike or walk? Walk. I like to take my time.
Flats or heels? I prefer heels, but you'll catch me in flats when I'm out and bout with my kids.
Tea or coffee? I do love tea, but I'm a huge coffee drinker.
Monochrome or colourful? Colorful. Don't mind the all white Spring wardrobe answer above. 
Avatar or Star Wars? Star Wars. My son was Darth Vader and My daughter was Princess Leia for Halloween one year. 

If you aren't already following Macyie's blog make sure you check it out here. All photos are taken from 'Maycie After Five' and so all rights belong to Maycie Tila and 'Maycie After Five'

Unfortunately due to my flying schedule 'Blogger of the Week' will be going on hiatus for a week and we'll be coming back on the 25th of April. If you've got anyone in mind you'd like to see interviewed send us an email at


  1. Hi! I stumbled upon your blog at IFB. I love your features on bloggers! Thanks for introducing us to amazing bloggers to follow.


  2. I love her style and your blog! :)

  3. i love this section of your blog!! what an amazing opportunity !!


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