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This week we got to interview Zoe Schlacter from 'Girl With The Flower'. One of the things I love about Zoe's blog so much is the way her entries feel like a direct conversation, pair this with her wicked personal style and flair for all things wonderful and crazy and you've got a definite blog to watch!

Hi Zoe! So your blog is called 'Girl with the Flower' what made you decide to call it that?

I've worn a flower in my hair every day for over two and a half years. I first bought one at Forever 21 with the idea that i could wear it on a jacket or something. After playing around with it for a while, I realized how cool and retro it looked in my hair. Before i knew it, I had a collection of around 30 flowers in every color of the rainbow. When I decided to start a blog, it seemed like the most appropriate name.

Your style is so funky we love it! How do you normally get dressed? Are your outfits planned or do things just come together?

My outfits usually start out with an inspiration, such as a work of art, a photo from a magazine or blog, or an interesting garment. I pull out colors and patterns from the inspiration, and I see where it takes me. Oftentimes, my final outfit looks nothing like the original concept. I usually plan out my outfits the night before.

We've noticed you seem to be flying the flag for affordable fashion which we love! How do you go about finding all your pieces?

 Most of my clothes come from the thrift store, Goodwill. I love finding interesting things there, like 80's blazers, long dresses, or highwaisted pants. I've also found many designer things at Goodwill. My best finds include a Betsey Johnson dress and blazers from Christian Dior and Moschino Cheap & Chic. Sometimes, I buy things with the intention of altering them-- maybe turning a dress into a skirt or a top, or shortening things. Fashion is certainly more fun and more unique with thrifted clothing.

I think an obvious question that arises from your blog name needs to be answered. When it comes to the flowers, do you use plastic or fresh?

I use silk flowers. Most of them are from Forever 21, but I've also been known to buy them at the flea market or make them myself.

If you had to choose between dressing like Spiderman for the rest of your life or dressing like Wonder Woman who would you choose and why?

Wonderwoman, definitely. I have a feeling I could rock her red/blue/yellow color scheme.

In terms of celebrities/designers/fellow style bloggers do you take inspiration in your fashion choices at all?

I don't really follow celebrities too much, but I'm drawn those who play with color and silhouette. I absolutely love Lady Gaga, and I'm also a big fan of singer M.I.A.'s style. I also really like the personal style of many bloggers, such as The Stylish Wanderer, Tavi, Sea of Shoes, and Style Bubble.

How has having hundreds of blog followers changed the way you view fashion, or styling more specifically?

It hasn't really changed the way I view fashion. I still dress to please myself. I don't dress for other people

Style blogs have been around forever, but recently they have exploded in terms of popularity. Do you think that style blogs have changed the way people view fashion?

Definitely! We no longer have to wait for our Vogue subscriptions to come in the mail. With style blogs and fashion week looks on, fashion is accessible to the masses. We no longer have to wait for fashion. Fashion is at our finger tips at any moment of the day.

We hope you guys enjoyed reading this and if you haven't already checked out Zoe's blog make sure you do at 'Girl With The Flower'. Please note all photos displayed in this post are property of 'Girl With The Flower', we take no credit whatsoever.

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  1. I can't get over how much Zoe looks like my friend Maddie... :P


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