Friday, February 4, 2011

Too hot to actually move...

Well its a scorching 38 degrees outside. So I'm staying locked away in the air conditioning with my laptop and my camera.

I did however manage to drag myself outside to attend a lunch with my best friend. The outfit I wore is very simple and kind of boring to be completely honest for two reasons:
One- It's far too hot outside to wear anything half interesting
Two- I was so late I hardly had time to get dressed full stop

Nevertheless I think it's imperative I post the good the bad and the indifferent. This outfit falls into the indifferent category....ENJOY!

Skirt from Mink Pink, red blouse from secondhand shop, shoes from good old Kmart.

I am quite simply in love/completely obsessed with this bag. It's so slouchy and comfy and has so many pretty buckles. I didn't get a chance to get any close up shots, but these images are fairly high quality so if you're intent on viewing the bag up close just click the picture to see full size :)

This nifty little fellow is my new favourite addition to my jewellery collection. I purchuse him off an etsy store called  'Only Embry' each one is unique and handmade....mine is called Jordan.

Well tomorrow we should hopefully have everything organized for the store. I'm super excited for everyone to see all the goodies I've found

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