Saturday, February 5, 2011

Exciting news!

Sorry to my readers...all one of them. (If there are more of you feel free to make yourselves known) for my excessive posting today but as stated before it was around 40 degrees today and thus too hot to do much apart from sit inside on my laptop aaalllll day.

But despite the heat I did actually manage to fill my afternoon with a little photoshoot. Now, its nothing professional....although my dad is a photographer so I suppose you could call them professional....anyway getting off track.

I managed to photograph every item that will be put up in the shop as soon as I can. I'm trying to wait and build up as much hype as possible before I go live. So for anyone who is actually waiting, I apologize.

To keep you excited and content I made a little collage of my favourite items as well as a few 'behind the scenes' shots.


My super cool Papa Bear

Being idiots with the self timer...

Wooh! We're finally done, at this stage I'd been standing and running around for about three hours, and although you can't see them the shoes I was wearing were bloody high and thus my feet were about to drop off.

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