Friday, February 4, 2011

A little bit of inspiration...

I figured since I'm confined to my room and weighted down by the sheer enormity of my boredom, I'm going to post a couple of pictures that are inspiring for me

Yes I know that posting pictures of Alexander McQueen goes hand in hand with the term inspiration, but how can you not see the blatantly obvious genius behind some of his garments...and not only that....they're preeetty.

I love this because (and excuse my English HSC student vocab) of the juxtapositioning and contrast of fabric versus concept. The concept of the stiff almost android feeling neck brace and the jutting shoulders next tothe dainty flowers is so serenely beautiful. Not only do the flowers mere presence make a huge statement, the fact that he has placed them so that they appear to be actually growing from the girl and pushing their way through this arm she has on. Ah! Pure genuis
 I'm not 100% sure what McQueen's vision was behind this dress but for me its message is: Beauty is everywhere, it is the only thing that flourishes and makes itself most noticed in harsh cirumstances. LOVE it.

Actually McQueen's whole 2009 Fall show was thoroughly inspiring for me. It distinctly reminds me of the Japanese dance/theater style Kabuki. The makeup along with the distinctly Asian style hats and colours has that whole, tall, dark and sinister feel about it. Can anyone else see the similarites?

Eh? Anyone?

The more I look at pictures of it the more apparent the similarities between McQueen's show and Japanese Kabuki and Geisha's become. Even some of the shoes shown are similar to those of the sky high clog style sandals the geisha's wore:



  1. You're very right. I think he drew inspiration from that. I loved that collection, but was also tremendously creeped out by it!:P

  2. Michele- Ah! Excellent someone who agrees with me...I'm not entirely weird.
    Thankyou so much for the comment :)


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