Sunday, April 1, 2012

S T Y L E. C R U S H

All photos from Olsens Anonymous 

Normally I don't do these types of posts, I have issues with raising celebrities up on 'style pedestals' because I know lots of ladies that can whip up amazing outfits and do so without the assistance of a highly paid stylist. But I am completely blown away by Elizabeth Olsen who seems to get it right every single time, and I've heard rumors that she does so sans stylist. If I had the world's longest legs and money to burn I would try my darnedest to dress just like Lizzy. She manages to effortlessly pair together separates, I don't often see her in dresses, always nailing her colour combinations and having just enough of everything. I can't say I've ever seen her in something where my first thought has been 'Yeah, it's nice but it'd be better without the...'
But aside from all that the one thing I truly adore about her and how she wears her outfits, is the radiant smile she always seems to have on her face. Unlike her sisters stony faced glare, Elizabeth is not afraid to flash her pearly whites. And why wouldn't you want to? With a face like that and hair that seems to have been crafted by the gods themselves. I can tell Elizabeth Olsen will be no stranger to the 'Best Dressed' page for years to come. Needless to say major girl crush status has been achieved.


  1. Replies
    1. Ugh, I know. It's divine, I could just stroke it all day long.

  2. she has an eye for fashion!

    Roxalne's sisters

  3. I love Elizabeth Olsen! :) Nice photos of her. Spell fashion!

    The Pink Margarita

  4. It's totally insane the way I love her style and the way she dresses... I don't mind she had nose surgery, she's still the best Olsen for me so far and a fashion reference, in my opinion.

    Thanks for sharing :)

    "I" is for Isabel x x

  5. I love that Elizabeth Olsen has a different style then her two sisters. She sister has that funky twist but it's more of a polish look then Mary-Kate and Ashley. Even though I love all three of them.

  6. You're so right, her sisters never seem to smile even though they have TONS to be happy about. I agree, that Lizzy poo is most definitely style crush worthy.

  7. she is so chic and sophisticated!

  8. Same. Elizabeth has such a delightful character in her I guess =)
    and she smiles a lot more often! really like the second last outfit with that light blush furry trench coat. it's super pretty and the choice of browns and navies mix so perfectly.
    maybe I should try a similar colour swatch like that.

    Style Hostess

  9. I heart Elizabeth Olsen!! :) :) Shes got such great style. I prefer her style over her sister's hobo approach to styling.

    accidental encounters


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